Using the data guides .223 62,350-psi maximum average pressure loads, I used A-2520 to shoot 60-grain bullets at nearly 3,000 fps, 65-grain bullets at 3,037 fps and 69-grain bullets at 2,788 fps. Parker Otto Ackley wore many different hats. ammunition manufacturers for chronograph testing. The early models were chambered in a suite of cartridges that covered the American hunters needs. As with the 6.5 Creedmoor, it performs best on elk when loaded with tough, deep-penetrating bullets. need to hold 5.5" above the desired point of impact. Eugene, Oregon. CCI TNT: smallest group 1/2"; largest group 2-1/4"; Contributing Editor for RifleShooter Magazine, Brad Fitzpatrick gives us a review of this modernized version of an iconic favorite. IMR 4064 is a medium-range burn speed powder and is one of the most versatile propellant in the IMR line, used for 223 Remington, 22-250 Remington, 220 Swift, 6mm Remington, 243 Winchester Super Short Magnum, 308 Winchester, 338 Winchester Magnum, and the list goes on and on. A standard for the .35 Rem. FEDERAL Premium V-Shok: high 2631 fps; low 2539 fps; How does the performance of the .17s compare with .22 caliber varmint cartridges? The data guide lists .223 Remington loads for A-2495 with 80- and 90-grain bullets. used in the rifles. He was a college professor, a gifted machinist, a writer, a barrel maker, a bullet maker, a builder of rifles and an avid experimenter. This load shoots in all the .17 Remington's I've owned; at about 4040 fps', the advertised Remington velocity. 71 fps; average = 2775 fps. less than 1 percent with most loads. When it comes down to velocity, the .17 Rem. .17 WSM ammunition includes Winchester Elite with 20 and 25 grain tipped bullets, Hornady with a 20 grain V-MAX tipped bullet and Federal American Eagle brand with a 20 grain tipped bullet. The factory ammo was and is very accurate ammo, this load may possible be Remington's recipe. In 1970, OBrien sold his company to Harrington & Richardson, which renamed the rifle the Model 317 Ultra Wildcat. 55mm. bullets farthest apart. 100 yards with the 17 Grain V-MAX bullet at a catalog MV of 2550 fps. Chambered in its popular Model 700 bolt-action rifle with a 24in barrel, the 25-grain Power Lokt bullet surpassed the magical 4,000fps barrier and a new varmint cartridge was born. Joseph VonBenedikt is with Joel Hodgdon to talk about the improved accuracy and long-range potential of the already reliable Core-Lokt ammo line. One of the most economical options for a .17 HMR rifle that can still deliver hails from Brazil. .17 rimfire rifles are normally tested with a good quality telescopic sight set at a magnification of nine power or higher. All are clean burning and temperature insensitive. Before there were scopes or red dots there were iron sights. Following is a brief description of each of the five The Federal Premium V-Shok load we tested uses a 17 grain Speer TNT JHP bullet at a claimed MV of 2550 fps and ME of 245 ft. lbs. You can use W-748 - 29gn drives the Hornady 50gn Z-Max at 3400 fps; 28gn gets the Speer 52gn HP going 3350 fps; 27gn drives the Sierra 55gn Super Roo at 3300; and 25.5gn pushes the Hornady 60gn V-Max along at about 3100 fps. hence this article. Finally, beware of reduced loads, as we want to make sure that all bullets make it out of the barrel. In addition to the soft polymer tip, the FTX has a high antimony core, and the jacket has the InterLock ring for reliable penetration and good expansion. A 24-grain payload of RL15 shot the 20-grain V-Max out at 4,040fps on a cold day and 4,120fps on a hot one, with 25 grain absolute max grounding out at 4,200fps fast enough for anyone. tried to do our shooting on calm days. Following are the Average Overall Group Size test results for the various .17 caliber rimfire rifles reviewed by Guns and Shooting Online (measured in inches). is rather low, at 33,500 psi, so the case is rather lightly constructed. measured group sizes. Subscriber Services. The new Sako Finnlight II sports an innovative stock and Cerakote metal paired with the terrific 85 action. Dimensional differences between the two cases are so slight that load data for the two are interchangeable. Considering that I can't get anywhere close to the lands, I think this about the best I can do. The 30-grain Berger bullet is a very good choice for foxes with good retained energy, expansion and down-range wind-bucking capabilities. Accuracy was great, but velocity was slower than with other powders. Powder shortages over the last few years have also aided Accurates acceptance, as handloaders turned to alternatives for unavailable favorites. : 4,638 4,917 Press. The die in the middle is the Lee Factory Crimp Die, and it firmly crimps the case neck into the bullets cannelure, which is essential for consistent ballistics and safe handloads. It may not display this or other websites correctly. I have shot several five-shot groups that only had three bullet holes on target. It is a great powder for cartridges from the .17 Remington Fireball to the .22-250 Remington. If so, look no further than the .17 Remington calibre, which has been overrated by some and written off by others. The Mossberg 500 Pump Action Shotgun is one of the most popular home defense shotguns on the market. Note: Complete reviews of all of these rifles can be found on the Product Reviews index page. As always, it behooves anyone with a .17 HMR varmint It produced about the highest velocities of all the Accurate powders tested in the .223 with 40- to 60-grain bullets. Accurate 4350 excels in .25-caliber cartridges. The .32-40 and .38-55 blackpowder cartridges came first, as Winchester had not yet perfected harder, nickel-steel barrels for the jacketed bullets that were loaded later in smokeless-powder rounds. that the averages below would have been smaller if testing had taken The 20-grain bullet can be pushed to over 4200 fps, and the 25-grain bullet breaks the 4000 fps mark, as well. Similar threads 17 fireball and reloader 10 bobcat93 Apr 12, 2016 Reloading Forum (All Calibers) The .17 Mach 2 (.17 M2) cartridge is based on a CCI Stinger .22 LR case necked down to accept .17 caliber bullets. loads, this is obviously very accurate factory loaded ammunition. MagPro loaded in the .270 Winchester shot two different 150-grain bullets a touch slower than 2,900 fps. Twenty-five-grain bullet weights are the standard factory offering, but I use 20-grain and 25-grain Hornady V-Max bullets with good results. So if you find yourself in possession of a nice vintage rifle chambered for the .35 Rem., do not despair. The 220-grain bullet clocked 2,131 fps over 43.0 grains of LVR. Moving to bigger cartridges, when the Hornady 20-grain V-Max exits the .17 Rem. A 50-grain V-Max exiting the muzzle of a rifle in .223 Rem. That pair shot five bullets well under .5 inch the best the old Swift rifle has shot any load. largest group 2-3/4"; mean average group = 1-13/32". The Cooper Model 21 Varminter I have been using for about several years consistently squeezes five shots inside a half-inch at 100 yards with the various bullet weights. sport, so these results are more indicative of real world performance. As A-2230s name implies, its designed around the .223 Remington. Knowledge is the most precious Just load it up with some carefully prepared handloads, shoot it, and have fun. In 1987, Accurate Arms started to move away from the surplus market and began selling newly manufactured propellants. Velocity was instrumental 15 feet ahead of the muzzle. There are many .35 Rem. Bullet weight: 168, 180 Berger HVLDs. The CCI A17 load uses a 17 grain Varmint Tip bullet at a After looking at load data for the 17 Mach IV and looking at Quickload, it seems something in the burn rate of IMR 4198, Vihta Vuori N110, Alliant 2400, Alliant Reloader 7, Hodgdon Lil'Gun, Alliant Blue Dot, and IMR 4227 would meet the requirement. ), A few precautions must be heeded when loading rounds like the .35 Rem. Joseph Von Benedikt visits with Aaron Oelger from Hodgdon about the unprecedented demand on the shooting supply industry. This is using the 25 VMAX and Benchmark. Though, as with all the .17 bullets, if you push them too fast, too soon, the high rotational spin in flight can cause the bullet to disintegrate before it reaches the target. instrumental velocities for our five loads, including the highest H-4350 shot the bullets 98 fps faster than Accurate and 43 fps faster than IMR. of in all my years of chronograph testing. JavaScript is disabled. Ive used it in the .22-250 Remington for a reduced- velocity load with 40-grain bullets to duplicate the .22 Hornet. 22g of H322 with a 25g Berger, always use a thick cup primer in the 17 Remington: Standard load for a 17 Remington is 24g of 4320, but velocity is 4150 and you will have to de copper after 25 rounds, especially in a new barrel. of sight. place at an indoor range. All recorded groups are fired from a solid bench rest at an outdoor rifle range. Re: 17 Remington Likes Dislikes [Re: andrews1958] #6836728 I always have space for at least one .17 Remington rifle because, for sub-200-yard fox and varmint shooting, I can think of no other faster, effective and safe round. I dumped 19.5 grains of A-2520 directly from a powder measure into .17 Remington Fireball cases and seated Hornady 25-grain V-MAX bullets. Re: Most accurate 223/5.56 factory ammo brand When testing loads for a Sav 10FP 24" 1:9" barrel, Hornady 75gr HPBT (Moly), the same load from BH, and a handload using that bullet and 26.5gr of Ramshot Big Game shot indistinguishably and quite well. For my money, the best all-round bullets for the .35 Rem. This powder also flows precisely through a powder measure. I was shooting a custom Remington 40X in .220 Swift, and out to 300 yards my friend never failed to match me shot for shot. also used in CCI and Remington factory loads. For the 5.56 NATO loads, with a maximum pressure of 62,350 psi, Western Powders lists 26.1 grains of A-2200 that shoots the Nosler bullet at a very quick 3,578 fps. The .223 Remington was developed as a varmint cartridge. There is only so much powder you can burn efficiently down that tiny barrel diameter, and because of this, very small changes of powder weights can give skyward pressures and inconsistency, therefore change your powder weights by 1?10th increments. exceeded its catalog MV by 108 fps and the CCI A17 load exceeded its The list of bullets suitable for the .35 Rem. Incidentally, in a A number of the cartridges were Ackleys designs while the others had been sent to him by various other developers for inclusion in his two-volume Handbook For Shooters & Reloaders. Picked up a nice CZ 527 varmint a month ago. If the rifles are compared based on the average group size achieved with their favored brand of ammo the results are as follows. You find load data for cartridges in caliber .17 Rem. The 17 Rem. For smaller deer it should be literally a bomb. Next was the .32 Winchester Special in 1902. is short but more than adequate for the cartridges purposes. My CZ 527 7.62x39 is a favorite for stalking marmots in the spring. It is about 600 fps faster than the .17 Hornets and an honest 300 fps faster than the Mach IV and the Fireball. Powder and charge in grains: 70.7 grains of H1000 for 168s, 69.0 grains with 180s. Good factory-loaded .22-250 ammunition is offered by Black Hills, Federal, Hornady, Remington, and Winchester. A decrease in body taper gained back some of the capacity loss, but its gross water capacity is still about one grain less than for Ackleys version. The round isn't just fast. Patrick's top picks for loading the .17 Remington Fireball are Hodgdon's CFE BLK, Accurate's A-2200, Alliant's Reloder 10x and Western Powders' Ramshot X-Terminator. I prefer 20-grain bullets in the .17 Hornets because they can be pushed much faster than 25-grain bullets. Case length for the .280 is 2.540 inches (same as the .270) and a bit longer than the .30-06 (2.494 inches). rounds of ammunition for record. However, the key word here is initial velocity. What It Is Not. None of them ever did. 4831 is the better powder for the 25/06. I got to know Ackley while he was doing some rifle work for me during the 1960s and 70s. At 200 yards, the velocity has lost a further 1,000fps and is around the 2,000fps mark and energy has dropped to 133ft/lb. The cartridge is available in bullet weights of 36 to 80 grains. smaller (3-5/16" diameter) bullseyes on each target, which we thought The most unusual result from our chronographing is that We manufacture Partition, AccuBond, E-Tip, Ballistic Tip, Custom Competition and much more. Power Pro 2000MR, IMR 4064, VV N135, TAC, and X-Terminator showed promise with good groups and low C.O.V.s. It had a 24-inch heavy barrel. The 6.5 bullets have very high ballistic coefficients and sectional density for their weight. My most accurate 222 rem. Accurate Arms was incorporated in McEwen, Tennessee, in 1980, after several years of selling surplus powders from the U.S. government. My Uberti-made 1858 Remington .44 at 25 yards will put six balls into a 2" group from a benchrest. The accuracy and integrity of the larger 30 grain ensures a better ballistic coefficient and, as such, retains more energy down-range and is better constructed to penetrate foxes yet still expand without any nasty entry wounds, so long as the range is not too long. The 25 gr. Learn the difference between revolvers and semi-auto pistols and what makes them different. Shooting 20 of those cartridges is enough fun for a day. Nosler, the world's finest bullets, ammunition, rifles, & brass. All rights reserved. blank range (MPBR), allowing a 1.5" deviation above and below the line Groups hover around an inch at 100 yards. Part of the appeal of the .17 Remington is the speed of the bullet coupled with the on-target expansion. The 24.0g of IMR 4350 with a Rem 7 1/2 (Warning do not use a thin cup primer with the 17 Remington) 25g bullet = 4100+ Decopper your barrel frequently, use good bronze bristle brushes often and throw them away after 100 strokes. The Federal Premium V-Shok load we tested uses a 17 The Remington factory load of a 25-grain bullet travelling at approximately 3,900fps (from my rifle) generating 845ft/lb energy is great if you do not want to reload. 3. While velocities with this stick powder lagged a bit behind the LVR loads, accuracy in the Model 336 was 0.67 inch with the Speer 180-grain SPFN and 0.83 inch with the Hornady 200-grain FTX. Formed by necking down Remingtons .221 Fireball case and increasing shoulder angle to 30 degrees, OBrien claimed a velocity of 3,700 fps for a 25-grain bullet. Walther's new Performance Duty Pistol is ready for both concealed carry and conventional service situations. 2525 fps and muzzle energy (ME) of 241 ft. lbs. Nosler 50-grain Ballistic Tips clocked 3,323 fps with 24.5 grains of A-2200 in the .223. If the loaded round is ejected, this can cause the bullet to be stuck in the throat. Remington surprised everyone by legitimising the .17 by not domesticating the .17/223 cartridge, as expected, but by using the .223 case and pushing the shoulder back, therefore producing a longer neck. It soon produced its own set of loading problems as all the sundries were small by definition. V-MAX bullet at a MV of 2550 fps and ME of 245 ft. lbs. Remington 7 1/2 BR. recoil. Is it actually possible to get IMR or varget powders in Australia, ive never really seen them???? I'll be trying a load .5 gr. Does anyone know how much smaller the volume is on this brass vs Rem brass? This may have had a little to do with the wind because the group was strung out left to right a little bit. Sighted-in about 2 inches high at 100 yards, the FTX load hits only 1 inch low at 200 yards. Who knew wild turkey's were so stupid!? Gun: Thompson/Center Contender; barrel length: 26 3/4 inches (MGM); case: Remington; primer: Remington 7 1/2 Small Rifle; bullet diameter: .172"; COAL: 2.150"; maximum COAL: 2.150"; maximum case length: 1.796"; trim to length: 1.786". They just blow up! Joseph Von Benedikt is with Rafe Nielsen of Browning to take a look at a new X-Bolt series rifle. I use IMR-3031 with a Hornady 25grHP bullet. 22g of H322 with a 25g Berger, always use a thick cup primer in the 17 Remington: I've never had fouling problems, even when standing on them. hotter than the one listed in the 1st post and hope to be getting approx. 100 yard groups running from .5 minute of angle (MOA) to .9375 MOA and This slow-burning, double-based spherical powder is intended mainly for short magnum cartridges and the 7mm and .300 belted magnums. The bolt on one would not close, and though the bolt on the other rifle would close, the fit was so tight a steady diet of that ammo would eventually cause galling of the locking lugs. The reloader can choose from a great selection of traditional and high-tech 7mm bullets - from 100 to 175 grains. were set between 9x and 12x, depending on shooter preference. AVERAGE GROUP SIZE WITH MOST ACCURATE BRAND OF AMMUNITION. The cartridge overall length (COL) is also important for proper feeding from the magazine. According to the story, OBrien wagered that his guide could not kill the bear with his rifle in .17 Mach IVand lost the bet. I have attempted to chamber Remington ammo in two .17 Mach IV rifles. The 7mm Remington Magnum rifle cartridge was introduced as a commercially available round in 1962, along with the new Remington Model 700 bolt-action rifle.It is a member of the belted magnum family that is directly derived from the venerable .375 H&H Magnum. The spherical powder flows easily and precisely through a powder measure. Alliants AR-Comp, Power Pro 2000MR, and 1200-R; Vihta Vuori N133; and Accurate 2015 and LT-32 (now part of Hodgdon) are also suitable. H322 w/ 50 gr. I recall wondering if close examination would have revealed several .375-inch holes the bears hide. 3100 fps. The .44 Remington Magnum is an adaptable cartridge when fired from a handgun. Winchesters Model 1894 lever-action rifle made its debut that year, and it became immensely popular. During one of those conversations, I requested samples of any sub-caliber wildcats Ackley might have on hand. More Than 450 Handloads. This bullet is a plastic-tip, boat-tail design that is In a precision-built rifle with a good barrel, the .17 Rem. group 1-3/4"; mean average group = 1-1/8". First Focal Plane vs. Second Focal Plane Scopes Explained: Which is Best? It's pure poison on deer-size game out to 600 yards. LT-32, loaded in the .223, shot a five-shot group that measured .54 inch with Nosler 69-grain HPBT bullets and .73-inch groups with Hornady 40-grain V-MAX and Nosler 50-grain Ballistic Tips. The Remington factory load of a 25-grain bullet travelling at approximately 3,900fps (from my rifle) generating 845ft/lb energy is great if you do not want to reload. Simply run a case through the Ackley full-length resizer and it is ready to load. The riflescopes I shot LT-32 in two bolt-action .223 Remingtons and LT-30 and LT-32 in a CZ bolt-action 7.62x39. My 7RM did really well with H1000 with 168 and 180 HVLDs. has load data for .223 Rem, 6mmBR, .243 Win, 6.5x47 Lapua, .308 Win, 6.5-284 and 7mm cartridges, with info on brass, powders . Tips, techniques, and equipment are applied to these classroom discussions on how to become more proficient and successful at making long-range shots while hunting with AR-platform rifles. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. Copyright 2005 by Chuck Hawks. Norma 200, 55gr. But do you know how to properly use them? Our range protocol was simple. 26. Starting with a load of 23-grain RL15 with a 15-grain Berger produces 3,610fps. 0 gr with H4350 in 30-06 using a 165 gr sierra HPBT. They are also very safe to shoot since the bullets do not exit the carcase and ricochets are non-existent just right for around the farm. Case life is long, and barrel life is normally around 7,000 or 8,000 rounds (at least for minute-of-varmint accuracy) due largely to the modest pressures and rather small powder charges. difficult to compile. The 20-grain bullets offer a good compromise over the industry standard 25-grain as they can be loaded faster. Sorry, trump is a no tax payin pile of shiit. Remington's Premier load offers a 17 grain AccuTip-V Extreme velocity spreads were fairly low with all three powders: 12 fps with A-4350, 11 fps with H-4350 and 16 fps with IMR-4350. CCI BR-4. I really need to work up a load with some TAC. A World Record Attempt: Practice Round and Media Day, Interview with Israeli Defense Forces, Part 1. Thus, the judicious reloader should not try to soup up handloads. We have found the accuracy potential of all three cartridges to be excellent and essentially the same. The CCI A17 load has a catalog MV of 2650 fps and chronographed between 2775 and 2809 fps from our test rifles. It may seem odd that a cartridge shooting fat, heavy bullets at moderate velocities would still be popular 116 years after its introduction. In the course of our rifle reviews we ordinarily test for accuracy using as many different loads as possible and tabulate the results. Nevertheless, there was only a .5-inch difference between the groups shot with the three powders. is rimless, it headspaces on its relatively small shoulder. The other top-sellers are the .17 Mach IV, .17 Rem., .17 Fireball and Hornadys .17 Hornet. These are 5-shot groups fired at 100 yard targets. I have found that Alliant RL15 has been the most consistent and accurate powder to use. Jeff has done a great job with the conversion and I finally had some time this weekend to sight in the gun and test some loads. I load 44.5 grains of the powder with Sierra 50-grain BlitzKing bullets for the same velocity from the 26-inch barrel of a Winchester Model 70 Varmint. RifleShooter Magazine editor Scott Rupp breaks down all the features of the Mossberg Patriot Predator rifle chambered in 6.5 PRC. Nov 2, 2020. This result is almost unheard That total does not include practice, became obvious that we were also, unavoidably, testing the ammunition This single-base, extruded powder was developed for the .308 Winchester. In the course of accuracy testing the various .17 HMR This load shot a 1.05-inch group at 100 yards, with four of the bullets in .61 inch. Beth Shimanski of Savage introduces their all new straight-pull rifle. All After that, if you are still not getting All proved to be If this is the situation with the Model 336 at hand, the simple solution is to trim the cases about 0.010 inch shorter than the trim length noted earlier. Same goes for the Mach IV and Fireball, although the velocity difference between the two bullet weights is less in them. With 27.0 grains of A-1680, Speer 125-grain, .311-inch bullets leave the CZs 18.5-inch barrel at 2,335 fps. It's interesting to see actual velocity figures for This translates to poor retained energy figures down-range. at 3,800 fps has close to the same trajectory. The CCI A17 load has a catalog MV of 2650 fps and chronographed between 2775 and 2809 fps from our test rifles. of Israeli Defense Forces, joins David Fortier for an exclusive interview for Shotgun News. I usually load it with Speer Gold dots or Winchester Rangers. We are running a top end load so START low and work up!!!. I also use Berger bullets, which offer weights from 15-grain, 18-grain, 20-grain, 22-grain and 25-grain bullets, with two heavier bullets of 30 grain and 37 grain. This the standard, not the Fireball. The spherical powder flows easily and precisely through a powder measure. Stepping up to 24 grain yields a considerable jump in velocity to 3,944fps and 518ft/lb energy. When developing its version of the .17 Hornet, Hornady shortened the .22 Hornet case about 0.050 inch to make overall cartridge length compatible with the magazines of existing rifles in .22 Hornet. For informal plinking, small-game hunting, and general varminting, the extra range of 17- and 20-grain bullets of the .17 HMR is a godsend. 2-Pack Universal Magazine IWB Concealed Carry Holster, Single Double Stack Mags Pouch for Glock 17 26 43 Sig 1911 S&W M&P 9mm. Now we are getting somewhere and all the pressure signs are good. This concludes with an average overall group size for all types of ammunition. In those days, Winchester had the edge on the market with the popular Model 1984 and its fleet of cartridges. The jacket has a thinner tapered front section with an expanded bearing surface and a long secant ogive. You can't push it through grass or a sage brush & expect the bullet to make it to the critter. like the weather in Eugene, wait a while and it will change.) I once shot a nice 8-point whitetail buck at about 40 yards with the 220-grain SPFN, and it was a dramatic deer-drop. The .17 HMR loads we use include ammunition from CCI with 17 grain TNT bullet, CCI A17 with 17 grain Varmint Tip bullet, Federal Premium with 17 grain TNT bullet, Federal Premium with 17 grain V-MAX bullet, Hornady with 17 grain V-MAX bullet, Remington Premier with 17 grain AccuTip-V bullet and Winchester Supreme with 17 grain V-MAX bullet. Roundnose bullets that mimic factory loads are available from Hornady and Sierra. Hornady Hornady bullets registered 2,454 fps burning 51.5 grains of the powder from the 22-inch barrel of a Remington Model 700 Whelen. The M1903 Springfield, officially the United States Rifle, Caliber .30-06, Model 1903, is an American five-round magazine-fed, bolt-action service repeating rifle, used primarily during the first half of the 20th century.. The new .20 calibres now coming on to the market, however, are very interesting and will be my next calibre to review. Its the same powder as Ramshots X-Terminator. leaves the others choking on its dust. Here at Guns and Shooting Online we have had the opportunity to review many .17 caliber rimfire rifles and we are continuing to do so. * We tested two different Marlin Model 917VS and Ruger K77/17VMBBZ rifles. HORNADY Varmint Express: smallest group 5/8"; largest It was chambered for cartridges that were designed to be direct competitors of the M94s cartridges. new westminster police incident today,